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We always say that every child is unique and all our children are already heros and successful just being themselves, still some of them excelled in different areas despite of their disabilities

For their Security, Happiness and Rehabilitation

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Mubarak Al Dirmaki

Is one of the most successful figures we are proud to have in our center.

As being a natural athlete since his young age plus to the continuous trainings he gets, and his determination to challenge his disability.

He joined number of national and international sport competitions and won more than a medal, he is now in the UAE national team and recently joined the special Olympics IX MENA Games that held in Abu Dhabi 2018.

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Early on in Ahmad’s life, his family realized that he had difficulty in pronouncing words and constructing sentences. This made it difficult for him to communicate and they needed to find out where to go and to who with this problem they faced.

Ahmad was welcomed by our professional staff and a year later, he showed great interest in audio-visual effects and in memorizing words.

He was immediately tutored in Qur’an scripts, prayers and poems. He takes great delight in reciting them to an audience.

Ahmad’s family are proud of his achievements and capability now to express himself better and better

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Taking her own steps unaided was a dream to her parents and as an autistic child suffered also from mental disorders that made her condition hard requiring a lot of efforts and patience.

When Arwa first came to ACCR She started a special rehabilitation program on different levels with our best experts specialists and after few months she showed an impressive response to the used rehabilitation methods.

Shortly she started her first steps and her potentials grew that now she is participating in number of our activities done at the center.

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Didan Al Kelib

Two words describes him best patience and persuasion, as an autistic child he joined the center years ago when he was 8 and immediately a specialized rehabilitation program began.

Didan started to show a special interest to various kinds of arts, music and different forms of activities and has made great progress in painting techniques. With his passion to arts and colorshe joined a painting competition in AbuDhabi 2016/ 2017 and won third place in it.

He is also very good in playing Urg and at choosing tones and sounds in a remarkable way.

For their Security, Happiness and Rehabilitation  

Make your child's life better