For their Security, Happiness and Rehabilitation

Make their life better


Since established, ACCRcontinue to develop educational and behavioural programs that are suitable to the cultural of UAE. Today the center is serving approximately 200 children and adults from all over the UAE and GCC.

With the growing demand for our premium services, an additional world classcenter was designed and built based on international standards with the capacity of 500 or more students. The Facility will be a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities and their families in UAE and GCC.

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Core Services

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Special Education

Special education is the set of appropriate measures aimed at developing cognitive, perceptive and behavioral skills appropriate to the conditions of the disability. Special education services are provided at the center to different disability categories, based on diagnostic and evaluation results carried out by a team of skilled and qualified specialists.

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Medical Rehabilitation

The medical rehabilitation is one of the main inputs in the organization of rehabilitation programs for people with disabilities. The program aims at addressing the physical, functional and linguistic deficiencies related to disability through interventions aimed at reducing the deficiency of the handicap and investing in the remaining capacities and developing them in a way that helps build a life as independent as possible. Our center is the pioneer in this field through the use of modern high-tech equipment in the implementation of the procedures that are implemented by a team of qualified specialists in various fields of the assistive medical rehabilitation.

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The residential care is considered one of the main sections we have it is a unique service that provides high level of residential services formed actually as small families where the security is provided through qualified supervisors and monitored cameras. Students distributed at different bedrooms according to their age, condition and gender. We provide our students with all the means that are possible for their happiness and comfort.


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a condition associated with brain growth that affects the ability of the autistic on how people recognize others and deal with them causing problems of interaction and social communication. The disorder also involves limited and frequent patterns of behavior. Autism spectrum disorders begin in early childhood and cause problems at the level of social performance. It is known that there is no definitive treatment for autism spectrum disorder so far, but early intensive treatment may make a big difference in the lives of many children.

Mubarak Al Dirmaki

Is one of the most successful figures we are proud to have in our center.

As being a natural athlete since his young age plus to the continuous trainings he gets, and his determination to challenge his disability.

He joined number of national and international sport competitions and won more than a medal, he is now in the UAE national team and recently joined the special Olympics IX MENA Games that held in Abu Dhabi 2018.

Intellectual Disability

Mental retardation is a state of delayed growth of the brain, or incomplete brain development during the child's development period, leading to certain disorders in the normal functions and life of the child, and vary according to the severity of the case from cases of slight, moderate, severe, and so severe, and as a result it greatly affects the level of perception, intelligence, comprehension, language, pronunciation, movement, and slow learning of the affected child.

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

It is a term that includes a group of non-communicable diseases that cause physical disability during human development. Cerebral palsy arises as a result of damage to the brain cells responsible about movement during the growth stage. This can occur during pregnancy, during childbirth, or after birth, until the third year of almost child's age. Movement disorders that occur in patients with cerebral palsy are often accompanied by sensory disturbances, sensory perception, cognitive perception, communication and behavior. There is no cure for any of the multiple types of cerebral palsy, however the medical interventions are usually limited to prevention complications resulting from the effects of infection Cerebral palsy.

For their Security, Happiness and Rehabilitation

Make their life better