1-Research development

In collaboration with international center, we gave a concentrated thought to planning to create opportunities that will enable each individual and student to develop their potentials in all areas of life.

We chose centers with over 35 years of dealing and interacting with people with disabilities and disabled complex concluded specialists at a chosen international that there is no specific therapeutic approach enables individuals to achieve results in the full practice and live their lives the best of their requirements. So it invented its ways and platforms for large-scale systems in Allaj which enabled them to design specialized treatment programs to individual cases.

These centers today are unique in service in the New York as a school providing special education programs and make it available to more than 100 institutions located throughout the state, and accommodation for adults and children with severe disabilities and medical centers, comprehensive and meets all the conditions, equipment and team nurses and professional’s 130. And compares the Kennedy Krieger Institute Antrzma at the John Hopkins Medicine, and by five major centers in the eastern region of the United States.

The center offers courses in the top development through its services and whether the residence of the Mtaalgin or therapeutic methods and systems and methods of education and skills development. We have encouraged all this to achieve in our partnership with international centers and find out from the patterns of treatment and the adaptation of programs developed for use in our center.


In addition to the importance of physical therapy and follow-up and careful to be in the best case, rehabilitation focuses on psychological factors, social and environmental that would impede the individual’s behavior in various ways.

This pattern makes our approach unique therapeutic rehabilitation therapeutic part of a vital and irreplaceable in the overall system of health care provided by our center.

3-Training center and regional research

Is a program that is applied to train and re-qualified in the field of special education and rehabilitation. Other training centers are also part of our specialists or and will apply in programs through the collective multi-events and intensive short courses and certificates in cooperation with universities and regional training institutes.

STAFF Development

Staff development is the key behind the success of our services. The Educational staff together with the Care Givers and Class Assistants are encouraged to do training courses either through online courses, part-time training or distant learning. At the Center we regularly present in-house specialized training programs related to issues and topics we regard as relevant and needed in order for us to render a better service to the students in our care. Informal group discussions are organized to stimulate the personal growth of the individual skills-set of the staff.


  • Autism (Book)

  • Down Syndrome (Booklet)

  • Mental Disability (Booklet)

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