The residential care is considered one of the main sections we have it is a unique service that provides high level of residential services formed actually as small families where the security is provided through qualified supervisors and monitored cameras. Students distributed at different bedrooms according to their age, condition and gender. We provide our students with all the means that are possible for their happiness and comfort.  

For their Security, Happiness and Rehabilitation  

Make your child's life better

Residential care services

Residential care services

  • Bedrooms (with luxurious facilities)

  • Healthy Meals

  • Fun and entertainments

  • Medical section

  • Garden

As each of these sections serve the students according to their own guidelines and procedures.

Main Activities

Luscious Green Spaces create a peaceful and warm atmosphere for students and families to enjoy. The garden also holds the following outdoor facilities:

  • Games

  • Cinema & Theater

  • Entertainment Section

  • Garden where students learn to nurture plants and flowers

  • Zoo

  • Horse Riding

  • Cycling

Internal activities

The residential care section make different activities as for Birthday Parties – Group competitions and watching TV on the afternoon and students fun games activities.

Outside activities

The residential care section organizes various activities internal activities that targets the integration of the student in the community as for:

  • Outside Trips ( Fun city visits – entertainment places – Al Ain club – Dubai city – Aqua parks and other places )

  • Social activities (participate in different national and community service events)

The positive results of these activities can be seen on the smiley faces of our students showing how happy and relaxed they are.

All activities done through the section is monitored by our experienced supervisors who are trained specially to deal with the special needs cases that make it easy for our students to integrate and act positively in the community.

For their Security, Happiness and Rehabilitation

Make your child's life better