Welcome to Al Ain Center for Care and Rehabilitation (ACCR)!

ACCR is a comprehensive rehabilitation center for the future, offering specialized services, paramedical interventions and vocational training and employment to children and adults with disabilities and special needs from the UAE as well as those from the region.

Why Choosing Our Center

Since established, ACCR continues to develop educational and behavioral programs that are suitable to the cultural context of UAE. Today the center is serving about 200 children and adults from all over the UAE, KSA, Oman, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Kuwait and others in the day school and the boarding section.

With the growing demands for the services, a new center was designed and built along with the international standards with a capacity of around 500 children and is expected to be a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities and families in UAE and the region.


Staff development is the key behind the success of our services. The Educational staff together with the Care Givers and Class Assistants are encouraged to do training courses either through online courses, part-time training or distant learning. At the Center we regularly present in-house specialized training programs related to issues and topics we regard as relevant and needed in order for us to render a better service to the students in our care. Informal group discussions are organized to stimulate the personal growth of the individual skills-set of the staff.

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